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Torrent list sort behavior


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I have been having issues with the way the torrent list window sorts its torrents. Currently, there is no way to sort the Torrent list by download order, and then sort the uploads by order of completion. Currently, when the list is sorted by download order, the completed downloads are sorted in alphabetical order, making it difficult to find a recently completed download when there are multiple completed downloads in the list.

Ideally, when the list is sorted by ascending download order, the completed downloads should sort themselves by order of completion, ie the most recently completed download should be first in the list.

Conversely, if I sort by the "Completed On" column, the downloading torrents in the list are sorted alphabetically when they should be sorted by download order.

For those that are still confused, I'll make a quick diagram of how it should work:

Sort By Download order

1 file4

2 file5

3 file6

* file3 - 5:00P

* file2 - 4:00P

* file1 - 3:00P

In theory, the only reason for sorting in alphabetical order would be sorting by filename. Otherwise, the downloading torrents section should default to download order, and the completed downloads should default to completed order.

Also, the completed download popup (the one that pops up in the tray icon) doesn't function as expected. Clicking on the popup opens an explorer window with the folder containing the file, but doesn't highlight the file like if you had used "Open Containing Folder" in the Right-Click menu on the download list.

Thanks for making uTorrent awesome!

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