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Problem with open port !


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my ISP banned most of torrent ports. i found 1 open port difficulty. with this site:


this site said port "1723" is open for my ip. then i added it to uTorrent 1.8.5 and i did port forward too.

when i checked the port with "http://www.utorrent.com/testport?port=1723" it says "OK! Port 1723 is open and accepting connections.:"

but 1 or 2 minutes after launching uTorrent, shows RED. look at this pic:


but still testport with utorrent.com is OK and Green.

what i should do too keep green in uTorrent application?

please help me. thank you.

PS: sorry for my english

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torrents were ok till 5 days ago. but recently they blocked all of the ports :(

i use adsl and my modem is "tp-link 8811". i did port forward though

my network bandwidth is 256kbps. in last 8 hours i downloaded 760mb and 247mb upload. i think there isn't problem with downloading from the torrents and i just want to have GREEN port at uTorrent.

btw, i dont know what exactly information you need


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