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Tried everything suggested and still slow speeds


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I have two computers at different locations but same ISP. It has been a week or so and dowloads go very slow and never above 10 kB/s. I have a 2Mb connection and I usually download at 200kB/s. I checked whether my ISP is throtling and it came back negative. Both PCs run W7 64bit. I tried everything suggested in the advanced settings in various posts in the forums. I have disabled my firewall just to make sure. I have uninstalled my antivirus to check that it was not causing the problems. Checked that the port was forwarded and changed the port. Limited my upload speed to like 40kB/sec. So whatever is around the forums here, I tried. Oppen Office and Ubuntu torrents give the same speeds as other torrents. I followed varoious guides here and everything. Tried installing a 1.8x version of uTorrent, still the same problem. I don't know if there is something I've missed or if it is a Windows Update or anything that is causing such slow download speeds but if anyone can help me in getting my torrent speeds back to norm I would be really grateful.

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