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Rogers Cable (10 megabits/s) - HORRIBLE download speed in uTorrent ???


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Hi, RECENTLY, a week or two ago my download speeds with uTorrent fell down enormously.

I am using 2.0.4 version now.

My ISP Rogers Cable Extreem provides 10 megabits/s channel.

Until recently almost on any torrent I had 1.2 megabytes/s STABLE.

Now, I barely get 100 kilobytes/s jumping up and down (NOT STABLE anymore) to almost ZERO (~10-20 kilobytes/s).

I don't have any router, the cable modem is connected directly to my PC.

I didn't change anything. The problem JUST APPEARED from nowhere!

Please help, any advice would appreciated.

I truly believe it has nothing to do with the settings since I didn't make any changes

and also I tried all possible uTorrent speed optimizations techniques known to man.

Something happened for sure... And I cant understand what.

It drives me crazy not being ably to EVEN understand what's happening.

I can't understand how the speed could go DOWN from 1.2 megabytes/s to 20 kilobytes/s for any torrent.

Even most seeded ones (with hundreds seeds and peers) barely get to 200 kilobytes/s.

Rogers denies everything of course.

Any idea what could be the reason ???

It never happened before FOR YEARS !! :(

Thanks in advance.

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slishnevsky exactly same thing happened to me. about 1 week ago (february 15th 2011)

I'm also on rogers high speed extreme and a 4 year customer in Toronto. My download speed now averages around 150kB/s,It used to be a constantly 500kB/s + but now it will peak at 400-500kB/s and try to stay here, as if its struggling.........but litterally seconds later it shoots down.Does anyone have fix to Fluctuating Speeds??

Found out these goofs are throttling my upload at a 11kB/s rate ...BUT not my download. this info matched up with a ISP throttle checker.

I've gone through every Speed guide tweak i can to no avail.

I called rogers to get as much info as i could, after them telling me they have been limiting for ages, and if this is just poping up its my Computer, then he asked me if i wanted to be put through to cancel. my subscription........Friendly customer service.

Anyways Heres some info on my connection


These are my settings after in torrent speed test ( *** means changed by me)

Max upload rate 22kB/s (tried 5 10 17 and 20)

max download rate 0/unlimited

global max connect 130 (have lowered to 100 previously)

max connected peers per torrent 60

DHT disabled

Protocal encryption: Enabled*** (previously used forced)

UTP enabled. (have tried disabled)

bt.tcp_rate_control True (have used disabled)

Now like i said with this set up, almost default setting, i get about 150kB/s Download speed not consistant though.

My upload speed never gets past 5kB/s, when it does the torrent speeds up dramatically, and stays there for 5 seconds max, then shoots back down.

Please help us rogers customers... I am familiar with the speed guides and have scoured the forums , but if theres any tweaks pertainnig to Fluctuating Speeds or slowness relating to rogers high speed, Feel free.


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I'm a Rogers customer as well in London, Ontario, on the 25 Mbps plan with 1 Mbps upload. Having the same issue since I started with Rogers. My upload speed is seldom higher than 1 kbps. I also tried every possible suggestion found on the internet to no avail. I eventually concluded Rogers must be throttling and confirmed my suspicion on the following chart: http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Bad_ISPs

Specifically where it says "Prevents seeding: Yes"... and "Limits BitTorrent bandwidth: Yes".

Shaw seems to be one of the few that don't have these restrictions (yet), but unfortunately they're not available in London, On. yet. I tried enabling and also forcing "Protocol Encryption", but it doesn't help. I hope there's a solution out there that we just haven't found yet.

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Amazing new discovery... I just tried downloading Vuze and giving it a try. I left most settings at default value and changed very minor settings, such as my actual download/upload speeds, # of connected peers, etc., then I proceeded to continue downloading the same 16GB file that I've been downloading for the last week on uTorrent/BitTorrent, and low and behold, my download speed jumped from an average of 10 KBps to well over 300 KBps, sometimes over 400 KBps, and my upload speed seems to range from 25 - 75 KBps, as opposed to less than the 1 KBps I'm used to. BitTorrent/uTorrent developers probably don't want to hear it, but this it is what it is and this is what happened!

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