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Connection Closed By Peer?


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Tried to do a search, but am such a newb to Torrents I'm not sure I understand what to look for or do to troubleshoot.

I just upgraded to v2.0.4 and am having trouble with one Torrent I am attempting to download. Most of the trackers say "Working" but I have one that says "connection closed by peer". I'm stuck now for 6 days at 68.8%

I have NO access to the modem/router. I am in a house that shares internet and I can't get to the main router or modem to do anything.

been here for a year and no problems iwth other Torrents.

I have tried this:

disabled firewall and tried (no change) Firewall is AVG

Running Windows XP

DHT is enabled, if that helps.

Sorry I can't give more info... really a newbie to this and troubleshooting anything to do with Torrents.

Here is a screenshot


If you need me to screenshot anything else, just let me know.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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2 out of the 3 trackers listed there appear to be working...that 1 of the 3 did not could even be temporary downtime for it or an even more brief overload.

The only connected peer to you probably also has the same percent complete...so you're not the only one suffering.

If the lone seed doesn't come back or another seed doesn't show up to replace it, there's practically nothing you can do.

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