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selecting labels + (downloading or completed or active) = not working


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i used to be able to, on left side, select any or many labels (still works by itself) in conjunction with "downloading" or "completed" and/or "active" (active could be used with downloading or completed, or also by itself). this no longer works. (to do this ctrl-lft mouse click on all things you want to view... well this used to work). now, i can select the labels fine, but clicking on labels + state of all torrents with those labels does nothing. i just get everything with that label in all states :(

so i can no longer select everything labeled "open source" and quickly toggle between seeing all open source that has complete and that which is downloading, or seeing all active open source torrents, or seeing active downloading open source torrents. I lose all of these abilities. with well over 10,000 torrents, losing this ability is a huge deal -- a huge FAIL. this is the first time this feature has died on me that i can recall, and i have been using uT for *several years. It is definitely due to the way the new UI layout is constructed. I use this feature constantly, so thi sis no small issue to me (usually i roll with changes, but this is an instance i had to speak up about.

If not for this i would actually really like the new layout, but breaking functionality like this is a terrible failure that should not have been released as it is in a stable release, imo.

Is there a workaround for this or a new update to fix this? if not, for now, i will back up my .dat files and revert back to 2.04 until I hear that this is fixed.


uT 2.2 bd 23774 in Windos7 x64

I thought about putting this in bugs section, since i really view it as thus, but i guess UI forum is a good place too. hope it doesn't get lost here, tho. If i get no good response here, i guess i will just double post it in the bugs since this thread is most active now with people hating the new UI :P


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Yeah, only, this thread was created earlier than the other one in the Found Bugs forum. I still strongly agree with the users on this issue, as union logic is less useful than intersection logic when filtering torrents with the category tree. And I just got finished complaining again to Firon about this too :P

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