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Utorrent 2.2 (Build 23774) High CPU usage, and downloading.


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I'm running Windows XP Pro on a computer, and since last update of utorrent the client is behaving very strange.

When I start utorrent, it starts downloading, but I have no idea what it is downloading.

Also I have not downloaded anything since I installed version 2.2, it is installed on a computer that was formated a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a few pictures of what's going on when utorrent is running, and when it's not running.

Utorrent running without any downloads

Still it's downloading.


Speed is significant, about 30 kb sec, but it goes higher sometimes up to 100 kb/sec



I have not downloaded any torrents since installation of the latest utorrent.

Utorrent running, using windows task manager to look at the CPU usage.


This is what happens after shutting down utorrent


CPU usage goes down significantly.

I have never experienced anything like this with utorrent before.

What could be wrong ?

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I have now tested version 2.2.1 and it seems to work fine.

However my network card broke down meanwhile, so I don't know if it may caused the problem.

The problems are gone for now, and I have also tested downloading torrents to see if the computer behaves normally, and it does.

Here is a screenshot


The usage is lower, but still the spilkes are there.

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