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2.2 Set Download Location has a small inconsistency..


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Suppose I download a torrent called ABC123, and open it. My uT is configured to just start that torrent in C:\downloads

uT makes a folder calls ABC123 and downloads the content into there, so I get files like c:\downloads\ABC123\file1.txt

If I choose Set Download Location and give a new path of e:\downloads a window appears saying "Choose where to download 'ABC123' to" and I choose e:\downloads

uT then moves all the files out of c:\downloads\abc123 and puts them in e:\downloads

So we just lost the top level directory that was organising that particular torrent.

Now, i understand that users should be allowed to place files wherever and hence the onus is on the user to create the same abc123 directory that uT created for us in the first place, but it might be nice to have the wording at the top include a tick box so that the user can easily speify whether he wants uT to make a folder for him, like default, or whether he wants absolute control over the placement of files:

Choose where to download the torrent to

[X] make a sub-folder called 'ABC123' in the folder i choose

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ps; I was confused because the dialogue said "Choose where to download 'ABC123' to" and it was referring to the TORRENT NAME, but I thought it was referring to the FOLDER it had created for me by default when first downloading.

Even just changing the wording to "Choose where to download the torrent to. Note you should manually make a new folder yourself if you want to keep this torrent's content together in its own folder" or something similar might be of help ;)


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