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Email notification help?


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i am trying to set up a automatic email notification when a torrent starts to download

i already use a program to auto unrar my files which i use in the "run this program when a torrent finishes"

so i need to set this up in the "run this program when a torrent changes state"

utorr.jpg this is what i have...

i need to use the state 6 = Downloading

with this code

C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c febootimail -FROM myemail@gmail.com -TO myemail@hotmail.com -SUBJECT "uTorrent" -TEXT "%N has started downloading." -SERVER smtp.gmail.com -PORT 587 -USER myemail@gmail.com -PASS mypassword -STARTTLS

hope this makes sense

any ideas how this can be done??


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