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System Tray Problem


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Im running Windows 7 32 Professional

I recently reinstalled my OS, and upon reinstalling, uTorrent became no longer active in the system tray.

It does not respond to left clicks (to maximize) nor does it show notification balloons upon completion of a torrent (the setting for this is on)

It still responds to right clicks correctly, bringing up the proper menu and allowing me to restore the window

It is set to display Notifications and Icon in the Notification Area settings

A reinstall of uTorrent did not seem to fix the problem.

It's not really a big deal but its starting to become a nuisance.

No hardware changes were made when I reinstalled OS, save adding a new dump drive.

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That's a different issue, my uTorrent isn't disappearing, and I can bring up the GUI from the RIGHT click menu.

The tray icon is where it should, and its set to show icon and notifications, but it doesn't show the torrent completion balloons (notifications) nor does it open upon LEFT clicks with the mouse, like it should.

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