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Downloading a torrent makes utorrent freeze and [not responding]

Hax to the Max

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I'm not that good at this, but i'l try to explain as good as i can.

To start with, utorrent starts fine, and i can do anything there without it freezes or crashes. Well, anything but downloading. Cause when i do, it begins the downloading, but i get no seeds or peers, and then it just freezes and it's not responding. It's not the firewall, i have tried other torrents, i've tried to change stuff in preferences which might help (but maybe it just made things worse, i've got no idea) and i have tried downgrading and uppgrading (i had version 2.2, then i tried downgrading to 2.0.4, then to the latest beta) and nothing helps, it just stays not responding and nothing happens.

If i need to post some other information, just say that and i'l try my best.

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