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status display in Taskbar icon


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For those of us who would like to see at a glance if everythings runs fine:

Changing the color of the taskbar icon acording to status. Say:

green icon -- connectet, downloading (and seeding)

orange/amber icon -- connected, seeding (not downloading)

red icon -- unconnected (network error? tracker down?)

grey icon -- no torrents in qeue or currently not seeding/downloading

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This could be an useful feature; however, i think users with a large number of torrents would run into issues where one of twenty torrents would cause the icon in the tray to remain orange or red, when in fact all necessary torrents are running fine. What i mean by this is that users who have a large number of active torrents often have some that have no peers, seeeds, or whatever the case may be. Any user should know this and it would be very annoying to always have a yellow or red icon in my system tray simply beacuse i am seeding a file that has low interest or is connected to a buggy tracker. Like i said, this could be useful, and that is the only problem i see arising from implementing this feature.

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