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Limiting rate speeds on specific torrents


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I've updated to the last 2.2 version and I have a doubt about it (I had 2.0 before).

Don't know if it is a normal behavior of this version or not, yet.

I've always set my global bandwidth setttings to 0, and then, when needed, I limit the speeds on specific torrents (mostly uploading), depending whether they are hosted on public trackers, the importance of them, my priorities, etc.

I noticed that this option is not working on my 2.2 version. I'm downloading a torrent right now, have my global speeds set to 0, but the upload speed limit on the torrent is set to 1 and it is uploading like if I didn't modify anything.

I don't have a good connection so I use to limit some upload speed on certain torrents, and this feature is not working since updating the version. I had the error of deleting all the data of my previous version so I had to re configure this version all over again, maybe I'm missing something... dunno...

Do you know if this is normal ?


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