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Err... This was so freakin' sad


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I've been using u-torrent for the past God knows how many years - maybe ever since it came out, but never have I encountered anything as shitty as this ever before. Here in my country, the lights go out every now and then. Yes, the lights just go out, and my backup power have been down for a few months as well. And so, the lights went and the PC shutdown immediately. Fine. It happens once or twice a day. It never caused much harm to my downloads. But today, when the lights went out, all the torrents freakin' disappeared. The files were there, but all the torrents just disappeared. I reload the torrent files into u-torrent, but they show an error that: "Error: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". Of course, I wouldn't have been as much furious as I am if the total amount of files I've been downloading wasn't over 20 GB and I was 75% through with them (anime, song discographies, manga etc.), but my freakin' download speed is 20KB/s to 30KB/s - and it took me over a month to get over here. It never ever happened before, but now this, it was truly frustrating. Any solutions would be much appreciated.

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