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im new here,..


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Hey love U torrent jus got a lappy livin in THailand i think i got cheap unlimited and fast internet...im a complete novice when it comes to computers but have enjoyed taking my music library from 9 ggs of bought music to 34 ggs using free downloading..

Can any suggest a few tricks of the trade (in plain english)

ive downloaded a coupla discographys and they are file types with the symbole of a stack of books i cant add the content to my itunes??

Does anyone have any for suggestion when there are no strange icons and it says something is downloading availability varies but is ok... But it has downloaded or changed in weeks??

AIMP2: free lossless download - anyone know how i can add these files to my iTunes..

Sorry to bother eveyrone with problem basic questions but ive had a look around nd cant figure it out (Im an idiot)

Anyways i plan on downloading heaps and leaving everything running for people to download from me...

Any help would be mad!! Cheers..

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