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Torrent files not auto-loading


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About a month or so ago, when I downloaded a .torrent file from a site, it would go to the directory I have in my settings. µTorrent would pick it up and begin the download immediately, I could continue browsing the site and let the program do the rest. Now, for some reason, auto-loading isn't happening any more, I have to physically go to my taskbar, open µTorrrent, type ^O (of click on the first icon), and select the new .torrent file so the download can start. I rechecked my settings, especially "Options -> Preferences -> Directories and made sure "Automatically load .torrents from <directory>" and that's checked, as it's always been.

I'm using µTorrent Turbo Accelerator, but I doubt the problem is there because I was also using it before this problem began.

Any ideas?

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