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I'm sorry if this post is in a wrong thread but it's my first one (and pardon my English it's not my mother tongue). Basically, I agree with this idea (edit+delete star) and would like to add that I think an improvment would be like this slide bar instead of the stars that could be slided into red 'bad area', white 'neutral area' or good 'green area' (or something similar). The only fault I see with stars system is no1. if you don't choose a star is torrent rated with no star when you press ok (if so users that don't grade can reduce the stars number really fast without really wanting to) and no2. user can't be sure what let's say one star means (like is file a virus, or is the quality of the video bad) - the problem would be the same with the slide bar so the tag next to the bar should say to user to rate quality or to rate saftey of the torrent or two separate bars to rate both.

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