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uTorrent is showing the RED button


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Hi guys,

My OS is vista and my AV is Kaspersky, my utorrent version is 2.2 and my modem/router is ITI DNA-A201BEI. I have sucessfully portforwarded the utorrent port(56755) in my router. Till last monday everything was working perfectly. On monday my net was not connecting and i called the customer care, and somebody came frm the office and did something and the net connected again. From then onwards the green signal is gone frm the utorrent window and the red signal has taken it's place :(. I don't know what he did but something changed. kaspersky is def not blocking utorrent b'coz i have made utorrent a trusted application in firewall and it allows all connections. I'm uploading few pics of my router, adapter settings. pls help me guys, i'm clueless.

IPv4 setting in my network adapter setting


the result of ipconfig/all on cmd


the router settings





this is the page where u port forward the port ( I knw i have added the same port too many times that b'coz i was desperate to change that red signal and i didn't knw which server ip address should i add so i create each one which different ip address )


this is port forward setting page and i'm clueless about which ip address should i put in the column, or


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Create a custom server like utorrent_tcp & utorrent_udp.

Then add the port (start=end=56755) and the local IP of your machine (.7).

Anyway if your router supports UPnP and it's enabled, you can use UPnP in µT to forward the port.

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