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Constantly looses download path


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Weird - been using uTorrent for years and have never had this problem, and it's only for one download. I DL everything to a NAS, and it's been working fine for years. I have one item, a collection of files, and it constantly fails on 'system cannot find the path specified'. I have the location open, and am actually viewing some of the items in the DLed file. When I hit 'force start' it DLs between 200 and 500 kB/s, but only for .5% or so. Then I hit 'force start' again and off it goes, for another 0.5 kB/S. I've managed to get the file from 75% to 91%, but it's a nuisance (almost done, so not toooo bad), and only for this one file. Anyone have any suggestions on what the issue might be?


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