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How to: Individual file selection for newly added torrents


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Here's the answer to the confusing problem of not being able to open a torrent file

and select individual files or groups of files within the torrent in uTorrent 3.0.

Step 1: Open your Options -> Preferences menu dialog.

Step 2: Select UI Settings -> When Adding Torrents -> Show a window that displays the files inside...

and make sure the checkbox is checked.

Step 3: Select Advanced -> bt.auto_dl_enabled and make sure it's set to false.

Click OK and add a new torrent; your file open dialog should now appear.

If not, retrace your steps and make sure that, in Step 3, you select the Advanced entry itself. If you click Advanced in the left-hand configuration menu, you will be right where you need to be.

There you have it! A very befuddling problem has been solved. You're welcome. :D

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From what I gather, other utorrent users such as myself who are still on Win2000 are having the problem where we cannot open folders to select/deselect the individual files in a torrent that we want to download.

Also from what I gather, there is no work around and Win2000 is no longer going to be supported?

It's a shame, I really like this program and have neither the time nor the money to upgrade my computer.

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