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Audio bugging out when downloading torrents?


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Hello, I recently starting using µTorrent, and I started downloaded a torrent, and whenever any torrents are downloading my computers audio output seems to bug out for some reason... I tried plugging in different devices (Speakers, Headphones ect.) but the problem persisted. The bug is characterised by the tempo of any sounds being increased, as well as being segmented and 'clickey'. Also, Windows Media Player claims that it can not open any audio or video file when I am downloading a torrent, I have no idea whats causing this, any ideas?

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I have this problem too.

I read someone fixing it by getting rid of there PATA drives. That didn't help at all.

This happens always when uTorrent is downloading at above ~150kB/s, not when just seeding

It happens with all media players. It does not happen with very old uTorrent versions any other bittorrent software I have tested or under any other circumstances (except under very prolonged use of uTorrent it seems trigger this easier and easier the longer uptime it has had.)

Asus P5QD Turbo mobo integrated sound

all my drivers are up to date

I think it may have something to do with uTP connections. Since it doesnt stop until version 1.8.5

EDIT SOLVED: Yepp I am pretty sure the issue was caused by using uTP over OpenVPN. I disabled uTP in 3.1 and problem is gone (and my speeds are like 3 times higher too :) )

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