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Yellow Delta - right hand corner


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I knw this question - 100 times aasked already.

I'm new to this no techie.In my defense I did some reading arond..

However I'm using Mobile GPRS/3G connection.

Did the speedtest.net d/w speed - 1.03mbps,upload = 0.11mbps

Maybe my ISP has firewall me - Checked the windows firewall - tcp in allow//udp in allow

My tech knowledge 'freighttrain' has hit stonewall at this point.

I wnna do all the port forwarding mumbo jumbo craziness only if its gonna be worth it (not sure for mobile isp or works only for routers - I dont have routers)

shall I go forth or anybody has walkthro' for this problem [ plz dont say get :) router]

May I explain my problem - speedtest - sometimes ok but sometimes

results: fail.data send error .A local networking problem closed the connection

network - port is not open.You are still able to download.

Very strange.I'm real frustration.Please rescue me.

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