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Very big problems with the new uTorrent...


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I reinstalled my windows about 4 days ago,installed all drivers,everything works fine except uTorrent.I got the new version,3.0 I didn't even knew it existed,but this is the one I found on the official website ( here I mean ).

Now the problems with it :

1.It downloads with about 5mb/s for some minutes and then goes to max 9kb/s.My internet is very good,I didn't have this problem before.

2.I closed uTorrent and I was thinking to start again,maybe I would get better speed.

Now the surprise:

I closed it normally in the corner at the icons.

When I tried to start it again I got this error:

It seems like uTorrent is already running,but not responding.Please close all uTorrent processes and try again.

Confused,I went to task manager and surprise:


For a "ultra light" client don't you think this is "hilarious" ?

I tried to close it,with End Process but It won't close,no error,no message,no anything,it just won't do anything.

Please help me,I'm really thinking to switch to another client,I used this for years and never had problems before.

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There seems to be a bug on Windows 7 that we occasionally hit that makes the app totally unkillable. The kernel basically hangs and holds the process hostage. Unplugging and replugging your network cable can sometimes bring it back.

Disable UPnP if this happens regularly.

As for your memory usage... Look at the Speed tab and change it to disk statistics. Is your cache huge?

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