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uTorrent 3.0 Completed on Column date information


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Hi everyone, i would to say tanks to all the people that work on this magnificent software that i use from the 1.x version.. Great job!

But with the new 3.0 version i still don't find how to change the info in the "Completed on" column from the classic for example "5 day ago" to the real date like could be "17/09/2011".. I look into the various skin proposed but it seem uTorrent client from the version 2.x to the 3.0 can't show the real date that if finish to download the .torrent file instead of "xx time ago".

Some body has the same need like me to see the real date of the torrent completion? How does you have solve this change of date information in the 3.0 new version??

Thanks to everybody that help to me to understand more..


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