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uTorrent crashes after switching to Ratings tab


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I have noticed this bug for a while now, but since I never was able to reproduce it, I haven't posted it. But this problem has been quite recurring to the point that it makes my life with uTorrent quite hard.

uTorrent crashes after I apparently quickly toggle through the tabs at the middle of the screen, especially if I have open the 'Ratings'. It doesn't happen every time, actually if you try to do it it's unlikely to happen. But if you fiddle in the 'Ratings' tab, such as selecting the posted ratings and changing their order in the drop-down list above, and quickly keep switching to the other tabs, repeatedly, it appears to be bound to happen at some point. The only 'reproducible' procedure I figured out is selecting some posted ratings and while selected trying to change its order on the drop-down list above (to order it by best rating, worst rating, newest, oldest, etc). But notice this bug happens in other situations also, such as quickly switching the tabs. Usually the more ratings a torrent has posted the greater the chance the bug happens.

It causes the uTorrent to hang, using up CPU resources during the hang time, usually indefinitely. Sometimes it recovers from the hang, but it's quite rare. What makes this bug so annoying is that when you start it up again, around half of the downloads that were in progress during the crash have to be rechecked, and that for big files often it can take a very long time.

I had some dump files generated through the Task Manager, but I didn't find a place to attach them. In case anybody is interested send me a message and I'll e-mail them. Also any further questions you might have about this bug please reach me, because I am quite interested in having it solved.

I'd kindly ask you very handsome developers to give it some attention, because this is a bug I have had for quite a time and my uTorrent already crashed several, several times, so it's a real bug, not a one-time thing. I believe this bug existed in earlier versions of uTorrent also, but I can't tell you for sure.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits Service Pack 1

Ver: uTorrent 3.0 (build 25460) [32-bit]

Kind regards,


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