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Pls help on last explanation about historic migrating from XP to Win7


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Hi all, i've browsed a few threads on this matter but i need one last answer, because some explanations didn't really ended my doubts, maybe because i didn't get the english.

I kept my appdata folder with the .dat files and such to keep the torrent history, as i did when on the old days i formatted. The problem now, is the migration from XP to Win7.

I understood i need BEncoder to change the resume.dat file because the folder is not exactly the same as befofe, because on Win7 the folder is Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent, Roaming being the new folder.

So the thing is, is it possible to change the path on resume.dat from:




and keep the download history? If so i'd appreciate some indications as I really don't understand much on how BEncoder works

Much appreciated, thanks in advance for your time and replies!

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Your best bet is to get copies off all the torrent files. After the re-install, set the default location to where all your data files are stored, and then just re-add all the torrents. You probably want to set utorrent to auto start the torrents without throwing up the details prompt.

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Also in kinda had this issue too. Built a new computer last month and wanted to migrate uT from XP on old computer to Win7 on new, which for me pretty much means to migrate all my completed torrents and settings, since I want to keep that info.

In the past I migrate uT from one XP computer to another XP by just copying the directory 'C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\uTorrent' to my new XP installation and it just worked (except for the annoying rechecking of completed and inactive torrents after version 2.0, but though I loved to see that fixed, can live with that and off topic here).

Now I moved to a Win7 computer. Different story now. Have found some comments on migrating from XP to Win7, but found them to be inaccurate and incorrect at least from what I experienced.

First installed uT (3.1.2 build 26616) on new computer under Win7. I tried to copy the XP directory mentioned above to new computer on '%appdata%\utorrent', which by default refers to 'c:\users\{username}\appdat\roaming\uTorrent', unless you reset the %appdata% windows variable to another directory, but normally you dont and you dont need to.

Started uT with this setup and... uT didn't 'see' the torrentfiles that I copied. Tried to set the torrent directory under menu Preferences and use different directories to see if that would change anything, also with no luck.

Looked for further info (which I must say is very limited) on the web and got some tips that using BEncoder might help. But this is a very user unfriendly solution to say it nicely. You need to be a geeky hacker to operate that and even then to use this tool was more a suggestion than a definitive fix for the problem. I decided not to go there.

So I tried another approach. Since uT can execute 'uninstalled' (by that is meant: just put utorrent.exe file on a thumb drive, put it in a computer and execute it from the thumb drive and it will work!) on other computers. As I understood to make that work utorrent.exe also checks the directory where it is located itself for config data and... '.torrent' files. So I moved the whole lot from %appdata%\utorrent to 'c:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent' (uT is still 32 bit app, so this is where it installs by default from the installer package).

Then when I start uT it now does see all the completed .torrent files. uT still complains that it cannot find the associated content by giving every completed and inactive torrent an annoying, but further harmless error red bar status: 'error: invalid download state'.

So, this approach does work without having to hack the system with geeky tools and unsure outcomes. Though I must say I'm not happy with having application data in my c:\program files directories, especially if you have more than one user on your system, this will mess things up. Thought that this was something from the distant past. But it seemed I didnt have another option at the time to make this work.

Recently I upgraded uT 3.1.2 to build 26763, tried to move the data from my home directory back to %appdata%\uTorrent directory. Then after moving the data when you start uTorrent, uT will actually think that it's a fresh install (since some data files are not where they normally were). Just go with that and reïnstall. And... uT now does pick up the data in the %appdata% location! Hooray.

Dont know if all the hassles with the migration have been solved by this new build (26763) though, so pls bear with me. Just wanted to share my experiences, maybe this can help others on their ongoing uT journey.

Sorry for the long post. Cheers.

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