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This problem may not happen because of UT but it may.

Im downloading my first torrent with UT and speeds are excellent :D

however the icon staus keeps getting a cross and under "Tracker" it keeps saying invalid url, then working, then invalid url, then working etc. Im downloading off a good tracker and have never had problems with it while using Azureus.

Heres a screenshot of the "Tracker Status"


Does this ahppen to anyone else?

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So, how can i use it ?


download the same tracker from demonoid, but instead of using UDP download use the HTTP one

or just Right Click > Properties > and change UDP to HTTP on the tracker showing

finding more trackers for the same file however is difficult, maybe u could try and look for the same torrent in isohunt.com that adds more trackers for the same torrent (if u can find it there anyway), but changing UDP to HTTP in the tracker list should solve ur problem

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