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uTorrent slower than Vuze


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I had very slow speeds on uTorrent for a couple of months, most of the time there were thousands of peers but I could only connect to a couple of them at a time.

I tried everything on uTorrent and on my router, and even thought of calling my ISP, but then I tested the same torrents on Vuze and the speed were much better, maxing out my connection even before forwarding the port.

I "uninstalled" uTorrent and installed it again to see if that solved the issue, but it's still the same.

What should I do?

I already tested everything on the guide.

Thank you very much

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Options/Preferences/Bittorrent. Disable uTP and see if it helps. This gives you uTorrent running as Vuze.

This doesn't help - enabled or disabled, uTorrent chokes the computer at 500k down and 200k up, when I was going at 750/300 on Vuze with no problems whatsoever. I'm at 2mbit down, 750k up, so I know it's not my connection. Tried limiting connections, same exact settings as Vuze. No dice. encryption off, on, forced - no difference. Can't even browse Youtube with uTorrent leeching, it's ridiculous.

Other computers on the network are fine, things are fine with Vuze - I don't understand why so many people use uTorrent, it's like the people making it aren't even using it. :rolleyes: If the most recent versions of Vuze weren't such crashy freezy pieces of sh­it, I'd have given up on uTorrent long, long, LONG ago. barf

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