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Different RSS feeds to different HDD folders - yet in new version?


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Hey all,

I have been reading through some ancient thread here, lots of people were complaining about missing an option to sort their RSS feeds to optional folders. Those users, including me, mind the uTorrent saving all the RSS content in one (the download) folder.

As mentioned, the thread was really ancient and few weeks ago, I was noteced a new uTorrent version is released.

Just one question: Does this new version (i think 3.1.x) have the ability to choose what folder save your different RSSs to?

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To add a path for a RSS is not allowed in my uTorrent 3.0.0 ... Is it a new ability of 3.1.x which was recently released? Or am I just looking at a wrong place?

Press Ctrl+R to bring up the RSS dialog.

Also, the number of items is not under our control. That's all coming from the feed itself. uT sets no limits.

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