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uTorrent Plus -- Conversion Help / Information


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I'm a very new user to uTorrent Plus. I decided to purchase Plus mainly for the automatic conversion after a torrent completes. After setting it up and trying it, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping somebody would help me with.

#1. Is there any way, besides selected a device, to configure things like conversion parameters? (File type (mp4, m4v, etc.)), audio and video bitrate, and things like that?

#2. Is there any way to control the directory where the converted file ends up?

#3. If question no. 1 isn't possible, is there a way to create a custom device so that I can set these values?

Thanks for the help. I just thought about question no. 3 while typing so I'll go look in to this right now.


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I have the exact same questions as previous. I purchased the Plus version primarily for a quick and easy converter solution. I had no idea at the time that there are absolutely no settings menus that allow parameter adjustments.

Very disappointed. Is there any way to get into the settings files to manually adjust?

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I bought Plus for the conversion aspect as well but I am not impressed that it converts all files. It takes to long. I used to be able to simple drop and drag mp4 files to my devices and they would download instantly, now it is telling me it is going to take 5 hours to convert! Can someone tell me how to get rid of Plus and go back to using the free version? And, how to stop any future payments for Plus?

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