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Magnet links downloads not starting


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm getting a Magnet Problem but it sounds like its totally different. Mine wont even start.

Torrents? no problem, Magnets? No chance...

I click on say a TPB magnet link, open it, I get an error message which appears to be a convoulted URL with the words Unspecified Error underneath, exit that and another comes up saying;

"The protocol specified in this address is not valid. Please make sure the address is correct, then try again."

I have tried dozens of popular and active DL's to be sure the addresses are correct and every magnet I click does exactly the same thing.

TPB said that I should "upgrade" if experiencing difficulty with magnets, assording to UT I;m at the most up to date version... Eventually i just wiped all my torrents/UT/DL's etc form my hard drive, nbbacked everything onto an external drive and set about putting everything on again form scratch...

Exactly the same thing is happening.

I am running what I would call a bog standard home PC with no whistles and bells, operating on W7...

Anyone any idea why its doing this, and what I need to do to make it stop, and play ball?

And I'm fairly naive to the techno-babble acronym culture so if anyone replies can they pleeeease not just go "HJFR???" on whatever... cos I wont have a clue what they're on about. Imagine I need to be told, "there's a setting in (X drop down) whats it set at?"

Many Thanks

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Had exactly the same issue and found that I could not connect to the trackers associated with the magnet link.

In uTorrent select the torrent that is downloading and click the 'trackers' tab.

All 3 trackers had something like the following:

udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce Failure: Connection timed out

This had been left for 3 days and 0 download.

Non-magnet links always worked for me so I copied the address of a tracker I could reach and associated it with the magnet link.

Do the following:

In uTorrent select a torrent that is currently downloading, seeding or recently downloaded.

Select the trackers tab.

Take note of trackers you can connect to - they usually say 'working'

Right click and 'Add Tracker'

In the window copy the address of the working trackers.

Close 'Add tracker' window.

Select the torrent you cannot download.

In the trackers tab right click and 'Add tracker'

Paste in the working trackers and close window.

This worked for me and is worth a try.

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