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Proxy settings in OPTIONS


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I can set up a proxy in the OPTIONS area under CONNECTION tab...

It seems to work and download the the torrents however when I download the

"Check my torrent IP" torrent from


it never says my PROXY torrent address there as it should...

For a test I turned the proxy off and for sure my real IP shows up with the TEST Torrent...

I think I'd like the fake IP there instead of it saying timed out for proxy because this will tip off the local ISP who are well not happy with torrent people .....LOL

I use uTorrewnt version 3.1.3 and I have used every possible combination of checking and unchecking the tabs under CONNECTION area in Options to try and make the proxy IP show instead of a timed out line...It did work once but I changed proxy addresses to get a faster proxy and then after that the proxy address wouldn't show again no matter how I set the settings like | say....

Is this error line .."timed out proxy" instead of the IP address because of the particular proxy itself or do I have something set wrong Like I say it seems to work and download torrents BUT I want to see that for sure it is coming from the proxy and not my regular IP !!....

Thanks for any and all help!

I'm just a noob at this stuff and really would like to peg this down :)

Thanks again!

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