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Hi community.

I would like to request a feature (yeah i am at the correct place :)).

From time to time it happens, especially with old torrents, that there are 2 or more torrents with the same content but for some reason re-uploaded as a new torrent file different name/trackers whatsoever. Now i would like to ask if uTorrent can handle those 2 torrents as one and download parts from each tracker/seeders and kinda merge those files into one.

So that for example if 2 torrents each has 1 file, this file is identically by name/hash/crc absolutely the same every bit/byte matches. That those 2 torrents can share the same destination file and load the missing parts that the other torrent file does not.

Hope thats possible to accomplish, if its already possible and i am just to stu*** to figure it out please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the answer.

I have read now some pages, and if i understand this correctlty and like the name implies its just about seeding torrents. So that you don't have to double your files and save storage.

I would be more interested in lets call it "Cross Downloading". So i have 2 torrents and want to download only 1 file and uTorrent does the magic to tell those 2 Torrents, "Hey first one you don't need to download part 1501, the second one already does...".

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When you attempt to download the same torrent from two different trackers. You'll notice a popup when you go to save the 2nd torrent. It says "File exists do you want to load/add the trackers from the torrent".

If that popup doesn't happen, that means the torrents aren't 100% identical (usually a .txt file from the tracker), and thus it won't work.


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Know about the mentioned feature, i really talk about 2 different torrents but same files getting downloaded.

So take as a sample a fansubbing group:

They have a done a series with 200 episodes. And released a bath torrent with some changes for every 50 episodes. So you would have 204 torrents (4 times a batch with 50, and 200 torrents for each file).

Now you would have seeder/leechers on every those 204 torrents. My request would now be if i download from scratch and want to get every 200 episodes and i add all 204 episodes, that uTorrent doesn't separate the identical files (that haven't changed since the first release) and download them threw all torrents, be it a batch or a single file torrent.

The problem i had why i am even asking was i had 2 torrents with 53Gb both had the same files except for the mentioned text file that had a little more text in the other one... So each torrent downloaded rather slowly, and both grew steadily some times one was faster than the other, so i thought if uTorrent could have handled those 2 different torrents as 1 since every file except one is the same. So when i tell 2 Torrents to download at the same location, file name is the same, hash is the same or what ever you would check to see if they are identically uTorrent should handle the download from 2 Torrents to 1 file.

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I agree this kind of feature and improved file handling is much needed in uTorrent.

The problem is that uTorrent's organisational hierarchy focuses on torrent files, not the to-be-downloaded files.

All the file information coming from different torrents people download should be cross-referenced, identifying a pool of unique files by hash, offering the user a desired file name and download path. uTorrent should then use all the different torrents and their tracker information UNDER this file to download data.



> found in your torrents

- torrent_a.torrent

- torrent_b.torrent

- torrent_c.torrent

> found unique filenames

- "desired-file.zip" (from torrent_a and torrent_B)

- "Desired file.zip" (from torrent_c)

> Which filename should be used? Or: <enter your own filename>

I think this is the kind of "Cross Downloading" UnKnOwN_86 is referring to and that would in fact be super useful.

"Mergetorrent" seems to address this problem, if not fully.

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