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Upload speed caps download?


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Hi, I've been using utorrent for a while now and have always come across an issue with it, If my upload speed is really slow (i usually upload at around 50kb/s) my download speed will be affected, i can download through google chrome just fine at 1mb/s and on a torrent if i don't restrict my upload speed then i can reach 1MB/s on a good torrent yet if i cap my upload speed my download speed will instantly drop to around 10kb/s.

Do i have utorrent configured wrong or was this built into the utorrent client to try and stop the people who don't seed? (I would seed but uploads count for my downloads and i don't have much usage per month and seeding while downloading will usually lead to hitting my cap mid month and at $5 per GB of usage i really don't want to be forking out that much money.)

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