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how to manage a lot of torrent ?


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i use the torrent way to share stuff with people and NEVER stop seeding them :) i share rare and old files so i want these torrent to survive but there is an issue => how can i manage so many torrent in µtorrent ?

Under mac OS i use transmission, i have labels, folders and can manage, relocate and fine tune a bunch of torrent in 2 clicks how can i do that under windows ? :rolleyes:

do i need to get a more advanced torrent client or can i found a way with µtorrent :/

when i want to move files, µtorrent doesn't want to move every files hilighted but want to move each independantely within a new window :(

i can't do folders, labels and color labels, am i missing something ?

thank you and sorry for my english

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if u want to re-locate new downloads or move completed files or store torrents etc. etc. go to preferences -> Directories !!!!!! there u have all options meant for these management!!!! i don't recommend transmission. i recommend utorrent and BitTorrent :D:lol:;)

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Yes, the directories feature doesn't quite nail it, as it wants to move all torrents of a particular status into one place. If one has a lot of torrents (torri?), one sometimes needs to create personal directories to manage all that data. I can't figure out how to do this w/o uTorrent not being able to find them. I've tried

R click/Advanced/Set Download Location

but with completed torrents I get a message asking me if I want to overwrite the file. I take that to mean that it will re-download, which is a waste. If I could manage to organize them then I also would not have to stop seeding.

So.. any suggestions about file management of that kind? How do you redirect uTorrent to a new location so it can continue reseeding, please?

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