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WHY is my utorrent lagging so horribly when dling ONE TORRENT?


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Hi, i'm using the latest version of uTorrent on WIn XP sp3.

I have comcast, cable internet...live within walking distance to the main headquarters. I have lots of bandwidth and an incredibly fast connection. I have some serious lag issue or something ever since the latest few versions, and it's gotten worse with each update. Basically when downloading any torrent or torrents, my computer goes into ultra slow mode, I can barley even move the mouse. I close utorrent and everything is back to running smooth.

For example, I just had ONE TORRENT downloading at 1.5 mb/s...no other activity...no uploading or downloading other torrents yet my entire computer went into slow mode again. I went into set up guide and ran a speed test through that and it found my speed to be 3.5 mb/s, so it set it as such. I saved and exited. Massive lag issues, so I set it to 1.5 mb/s...still lag. 1.0 mb/s...same lag even though the torrent itself was downloading as high as 1.8 mb/s...WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Never experienced any problems like this with past versions.

My god do I hate updates.


Please help!!!

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Thanks for the fast reply.

Turns out the problem was avast related...I disabled avast a few minutes ago and all the problems went away, everything is now working like it should! The other versions of utorrent ran fine while the firewall/shields were enabled...looks like im going to either have to add utorrent to avast's allow/ignore list or just disable it all together when downloading torrents...I already have it added as an exception but obviously something still isn't right

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