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Solution for Remote Management Using Magnets


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Hello All -

Until recently, I had uTorrent set up on my home server alongside a Dropbox installation. I created a folder in the Dropbox named "Autotor" and pointed uTorrent to automatically start, then delete torrents that appeared in that folder. Obviously, I used this method to start torrents I found from any of my mobile devices and was extremely fast and reliable!

Even though the system still works great, a couple of the sites I get torrents from have almost exclusively switched to magnet links for bandwidth purposes. Since I have no physical file to download, the little system I had doesn't work any more.

I know that there are a few solutions to this like mobile clients, RDP to home server, web UI, etc - but they aren't as fast and easy as what I had before (yes, I'm being picky :)) Therefore, I have a question...


What is the best solution I can use with magnets that is most similar to what I used before? Is there a method (which can be automated) that turns magnets into torrents, perhaps?


- Home Server is Windows 2008 R2 based, but have another uTorrent install on a Win7 machine

- Appropriate TCP/UDP ports are open

- Running newest version of uTorrent

Thanks for your suggestions!

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