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Connection Problem


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I usually tether my laptop to my HTC Desire's wi-fi hotspot, for downloading from uTorrent and have had no problems even when approaching the phone's d/l capacity (7.2Mb) but generally achieving around 600kB+/sec d/l in uTorrent, dependant on speed of available seeds/peers.

I recently had to do a factory reset on the phone which has bricked the hotspot facility and now I'm limited to using a USB(2) cable tether.

Previously I had the global connections set to 200 and d/l speed set to 0 and experienced no problems.

However, since using the USB tether uTorrent keeps crashing after only a few minutes and causing all sorts of other problems resetting my network connections.

I have now set global connections to 50 and set the d/l speed to 300 (about an hour ago) and so far everything is working o.k. with no disconnects.

I'd like to know which of these two settings is the likely culprit, I have plenty of bandwidth left but I'm not too sure about how many connections it would be best to use, 50 seems awfully low.

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