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uTorrent hangs when RSS item downloaded


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I've been having this issue since I upgraded to the latest build (3.1.3 27099). It never happened before that. I've been actively using uTorrent with RSS for years.

Sometimes, when uTorrent notices a new entry in one of my subscribed RSS feeds, it downloads the new entry adding it to the list of active torrents, and then hangs. That is to say, the UI is still there and I can see the newly added torrent, but uTorrent is completely unresponsive and no downloading is happening. I'm generally away and don't notice it for a while, but I can see the new entry has been added and is still sitting at 0%. I have to kill uTorrent with the task manager and restart it to get things working again.

Every time this has happened, the new entry that seemed to cause the issue was a magnet link. However, it doesn't happen every time... only sometimes (maybe 20% of the time).

I think it is a new bug related to whatever changed in build 27099, but any suggestions are welcome.

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