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"Invalid Request" - Trying to use API


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So, I'm trying to automate my torrent downloads using uTorrent. I have Ubuntu linux installed, so I've got the server running, and can easily access the WebUI. I'm planning on using the RSS feature to download certain torrents based on a filter (available in the Windows version as far as I know).

However, the WebUI doesnt seem to have this option (for the filters), but I did see that using the API I could edit the settings to add a filter. However, if I enter:


or any other calls, I get "Invalid Request".

The IP and Port are the same to access the GUI so thats not the issue.

What am I doing wrong?



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Have you read up on the token authentication stuff?

Ok, I feel a bit retarded for not. But I have now. At the bottom of


it says I should fetch the token from /gui/token.html

Am I correct in this, as it doesn't seem to work?


Ok, I managed to get it. Sort of. I placed a div in the index html, and while viewing the source of the WebUI, I could get the token and perform the list call. What easier way is there to retrieve the token though?


Got it working, realized the div tag inside the token.html file is hidden. Got everything working, thanks.

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