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trackers timed out


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Im having speed problems on most, not all, but most of my torrents.

things to note.

Im in china, but not using a college connection, Im staying with a friend.

some websites are blocked by "The Great FireWall of China" ie facebook, youtube, isohunt, but i have ultrasurf proxy to get around this. it runs in the background as a separate program. kick ass torrents and torrentz work fine without the proxy. it's really hit and miss with what's blocked and what's not.

Honestly, i think my problem is blocked trackers in china, but im not totally sure

There is a green check in the bottom right of uT

DHT reads waiting to log in, but sometimes reads 0 nodes

most trackers read "offline (timed out)" or "connection timed out"

tracker.ccc.de, exodus.desync.com, and peer exchange normally work

im pluged into the internet without a router or swich. the line comes out of the wall, but ports are not open a few weeks ago the port i was using was open. no common ports are open.

when i use ultrasurf proxy, ports 80 and 443 are open

ipconfig reads like this

default gateway and ip address are 101.105.147.*** (dont know if i should put the last 3 numbers in for safety reasons)

glasnost reads some transfers didn't go through. "Your ISP appears to rate limit your uploads" , "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your BitTorrent uploads", "Your ISP appears to rate limit uploads on port 6881", "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your downloads...or bittorrent downloads"

setup says my bandwith is up52kbit(6.3kB) dn445.7. another website says my upload is 420kbit/s the fastest something ever dn was almost 200k (kB/s)

im running windows xp (chinese) and utorrent 3.2


does utorrent run through a proxy that runs in the background, or do i need to fill in proxy info in uT?

any idea how i can connect to more trackers and peers, or download faster some other way?

How can i tell if im behind a router?

is there a list of trackers not blocked in china? (im not totally sure if any or blocked, i just know 2 that seem to always work)

is there a way to find a port that is not blocked?

Things Ive tried.

reinstalling utorrent

re-adding to the firewall exception

deleting .dat stuff

been through the setup guide

adding more trackers from isohunt, torrentz, and kat

trying different ports

allowing upnp through the firewall

protocol encryption - enabled

enable/diable upnp

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i went through finding all the trackers i could connect to and then added these trackers to every torrent. now the tracker can find 100 to 200 peers and seeders, but i only connect to one or even no peers.

why would i be able to find the peers and not be able to connect and share with them?

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Forget about the trackers. If tracker.ccc.de and exodus.desync.com work for you, you are ok with trackers. Many trackers are down so leave this issue. A few working trackers are enough.

Start with uninstalling Ultrasurf, install UltraVPN. You might need to set it and uT's Connection setting.

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