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Unsure if torrents are being blocked.


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I've used uTorrent successfully for years at my college. Since a few days ago I have not been able to download or upload. I simply get the 'DHT: waiting to log in' error.

I've checked firewall settings, which are fine. I've also checked, via the uTorrent set-up guide, that my chosen port is indeed open (I've changed ports a few times, and checked each time too--everything was fine).

I'm suspicious that the college has blocked torrents. If so, is there a way to know that they are being blocked? And even better: a way to bypass it?


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You need a proxy to bypass it. The school could have installed a firewall.

They cannot block the torrent, they block the tracker IP addresses, sites, and what have you. As long as you have an open port, they will work unless they bought software to block all offending tracker IP addresses.

First, you can try to change the setting for the encryption:

Options > Preferences > Bittorrent - FORCE encryption, allow incoming legacy connections.

They could be blocking anything that ends in ".torrent"

A proxy will fix it most of the time.

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