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utorrent stopped downloading 4 weeks ago


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Hi there, new to this forum.

I have been happily using utorrent for 2 years with no problems in Australia. Firstly on my home PC with XP and also over the last 6 months with my laptop on W7. 4 weeks ago, both computers stopped downloading torrents on my home network and my laptop will also not download at my work network.

I have made no changes to either computer. Home PC runs McAfee and laptop runs free Avast. As far as I can see, utorrent is not blocked in windows firewall or McAfee or Avast.

I have run the utorrent test and it keeps bringing up that the bandwidth to a Sydney server fails but the port forwarding on my modem is open and fine. I have run glasnost to see if the ISP is shaping or slowing down torrent speeds and it came up ok.

I have tried to force utorrent with the protocol encryption with no positive results. So the fact that utorrent has been working really well for 2 years, and I am no computer whiz, I am really now at a loss as to why utorrent has stopped working. I downloaded Bit-torrent and the result was the same. No downloading.

I have predominantly used magnet links, if that would cause an issue. I do not not know.

I would be grateful of any suggestions or to hear that other AU users are experiencing similar issues.

Ta muchly.

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What exactly does it do / not do, "when it won't d/l torrents?"

Have you looked at tracker tab to see what errors are, if any?

Looked at Logger tab to see info there?

Do the torrents load in uT & just fail to start, or they won't load (automatically) at all, or...?

Notices in your FW log / reports? Give us more info.

1st, check in both FW's & make sure uT is being allowed / not blocked. May have to change FW permissions for it.

Other: What does the uT settings test say about "bandwidth fails" (assume you mean server connection. If uT can't connect to a speed test server, may be a FW or router blocking it.

The settings in Connection - unless using a proxy, it should be set = None (& all settings below that will be grayed out.

Above that,

check enable UPnP, NAT PMP, add Windows FW Exception (just in case).

Under BitTorrent tab, basically everything is checked, except "limit local peer bandwidth."

If settings are correct, one of easiest, often fastest things is UNinstall uT, then do clean install.

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Hey there.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I checked my firewalls on both computers and McAfee and Avast. Utorrent is allowed in them all. So the problem is not the FW or the anti-virus programs.

I found a couple of strings from Rafi and Negotiator on this forum regarding slow speeds. I changed my disc cache from 32 to 500 (a suggestion in Negotiators string) and the difference was instantaneous. The downloads started to connect with peers showing in the window. I followed some suggestions from Rafi's string and just noticed that one of the downloads is at 1.2MB.

So I think my major drama was the disc cache, although why after 2 years it happened similtaneously on 2 computers I have no idea.

I will monitor my progress over the next week or so.

Thanks again. :)

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Thanks for heads up, Mac.

adwthequietman - for others' benefit, why don't you go ahead & incl. links to the other posts that helped you?

How much RAM do you have? If have lots free RAM & - IF - uT was working correctly (may not be, as Mac indicated), then probably wouldn't need such large disk cache. Unless one's d/l a bunch of torrents at once - way more than setup guide probably specified.

But if short on RAM, may make a diff. Or maybe problem was as Mac said.

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