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utorrent stuck on hash check 3.1.3


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registered to ask about that after trying and reading many posts...

40gb torrent, 80% downloaded. hash check sticks on 98.3% and takes best part of an hour to reach that.

very very annoying. any workarounds would be great.

no reason for it suddenly deciding its got to hash check. program has been running off and on all week.

thanks in advance.

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My main advice if you are using the 3.1.3 version is to update to the 3.2.1 beta version. The last two "stable" versions of uTorrent have had many issues that have been addressed in the latest 3.2.1 beta versions. However, I recall reading somewhere on the forums that any torrents still loaded when updating would still have the hash check issue, but it should sort it out for future torrents.

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