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Torrents not displaying in lists


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Hi all

Not sure what's happing and I'm sure I'm just missing something simple

Today I changed my graphics card and this is the only thing I have done to the PC so I can't see why it would be relevant to my problem

Now for some reason my downloaded torrents will not display on the lists in Utorrent

I have checked the download directories in preferences and they are still correct and the same as before

All my downloaded torrents are still on the PC in said directories

When I download a new torrent it comes up on the list in Utorrent and is stored in the same folder as all my previous torrents

I'm still connected to my torrent site and it says I still have all my downloaded torrents with correct ratios and is seeding

Sorry if I have miss the obvious as I'm new to this but I'm sure its a simple fix

Thank you

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