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  1. Now I couldn't let this slide when it arrived in my mailbox. yet you accuse me of being arrogant, egotistical and elitist.
  2. Actually I have said several times that I am quite happy for it to be proved that my statements are incorrect, because it means that I have learned something and/or I have to re-examine what I thought I knew. "Facts" need to proven, "opinions" are open to debate until they become demonstrable fact or are shown to be erroneus. There is no "power struggle" as you put it, not from me anyway I have no wish or desire to be "Alpha male". it's simply than many here don't seem to accept discussion as being the norm for a forum.
  3. Try READING the threads that TELL you what they are then!!
  4. Yep! I've also got bored with letting you chase around the forums trying to find every little bit of bait I leave for you to jump on and think you have the upper hand But it was fun while it lasted, so thanks for the few moments of amusement here and there, and have a stress free 2014
  5. 30429 was my last test for labels, and as uTorrent 3.4.0 has been removed and 3.3.2 will be following shortly as soon as I transfer over the last remaining job. Anybody want a uTorrent archive? From the 1.6 'in-town run-about' with low carbon footprint, through to the latest 3.4 'gas guzzler' One owner from new Serviced regularly Used every day on short runs and long hauls Very reliable (until recently) Getting pi$$ed off forces sale. No reasonable offer refused.
  6. Only the "auto created" rules sort of work, and they cannot be edited to make them actually useful.
  7. Because the pace of "development" is so frenetic, no client has the opportunity to get truly stable before the next build is forked off source code that still has 'issues' that then spawn completely new symptoms. V3.4 reaching RC stage before the added feature of "Labels" is even working never mind debugged is an example of the "more haste, less speed" syndrome that afflicts uTorrent currently.
  8. A percentage of server requests not a percentage of requests by any particular client ID/IP.
  9. And????? Beta versions automatic updates occur slighty MORE frequently than stable versions do.
  10. And you are surprised at that because???? And that HAS been the case since 2009
  11. 'Fix' implies that it was working at one point. That's never been the case with 3.4
  12. Which is the wrong concept? Giving away 'features' that are not particularly wanted by everyone doesn't increase profit or that people will pay for additional features that they do want? Because if it is the latter, you are way off the mark on that, just ask Adobe or Microsoft. If users were not prepared to pay more for extended functionality there would not be multiple versions of their software products, each with a few more bells & whistles for a higher price tag. Why would people [like myself] who do not use BitTorrent for downloading TV series or "block buster" movies want, or need "streaming"? Having it in the client is just one more thing I have to turn off and to be honest I would pay for a stable client WITHOUT the extra unnecessary frills.
  13. Not of resume.dat directly, but pointing the client to the existing payload location and dropping the .torrent files into the auto load folder, loads and rechecks the existing jobs with no problems at all.ADDED: If you have "append !ut" checked and partial files in the payload, turn it off first.
  14. Been testing that client. imports running jobs flawlessly Memory footprint 5% smaller than uTorrent, but ~15% larger than qBittorrent It's the Python 3.3 core that it installs locally and the wxWidgets DLL that make up much of the space.
  15. There hasn't been a truly "stable" build of any V3 client as yet, the ridiculous pace of "development" makes sure of that.
  16. Whomever decided that it is even worthy of a release candidate designation is clearly delusional, we have: A "labels feature" that is not documented so cannot be tested, and is less than partially working. A "portable" system that doesn't actually allow for completely self contained installations. ... And so on.
  17. Unfortunately, doing that it is contrary to the forum rules.
  18. Because it is now December. All versions do and have for a very long while.
  19. Second report on list display problems at >>
  20. The non-display of running jobs in the list is a startup problem it takes between 12 - 15 minutes after restarting the client and GUI before the list shows the appropriate number of tasks. Regardless of whether the column aligment is "the same as 3.3.2" the simple fact is that it that is shows a lack of cohesion between developers. Which of course IS a primary purpose of a CVS, if "Git" projects can be cohesive with many, many unpaid and often unknown massively distributed developers creating forks and branches from the main source without fixed bugs reappearing days, weeks or months later why can't yours?? For the 'Status' and queue number ('#') it is logical for those to be centred (provided that gui,color_progress_bars it true for the status), likewise with the 'name' column being left aligned, but the rest are a mish-mash of alignments. Which suggests that the GUI designer only considered ONE arrangement of columns, rather than considering the fact that columns CAN and therefore WILL be re-arranged. Minor point, ... Sure; but a point that demonstrates a lack of overall control and more importantly, a lack of quality control in the design & development process. And on columns and QC. The name column does NOT expand to accomodate the longest item on split point double click, other columns do. Okay, then explain to me why a "download" icon is logical or intuitive for a start action, considering that a job may be already completely downloaded when it is being started?
  21. So I guess RC actually means Really Crap Build 30429 ALL category and label counts are completely FUBARed Examples: Active (11) 5 showing in the job list Completed (27) 21 in list or sometimes 14 Seeding (26) 21 in list ^^ same 21 as completed Downloading (5) None in list Linux Mint (1) sometimes the one running is in list ..... sometimes it isn't The only count that is correct is the total number of jobs. Above tested with "dont_count_slow... set at true and false No change. Not shutting down is back. Waited 20 minutes, graceful_shutdown is set false. "status" column is back at centre aligned All other columns are randomly set at right or left align. column reset made no difference Start icon now suggest it is a "Move to bottom" action. Scrollbar on files tab flashing on and off Scrollbar on info tab is displayed when NOT required. Will this be now put back to an Alpha status because is this is a Release Candidate .... Windows Vista was Microsoft's finest OS release to date! But on the bright side ... the network overhead pulse has gone away (for now) should we open a book on the build number it is going to return in?
  22. The "installer" and the running uTorrent exe file are one and the same file so any 'feature' added to uTorrent inevitably increases the size of the exe file. Even changing the wording of a GUI object could affect the file size.
  23. Confirmed back in August.