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not uploading?


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Hi i'm new to this. i'm having problems in seeding back to torrentday, as you know they as many others want you to seed as long as you can!! but in my case as soon as the download is done it goes inactive.:( i've went through everything i can think of and everything looks to as it should as far as the settings.

i would like to get some help with this so i can seed back to these sites!

thank you


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Read through http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820 and make sure port forwarding is done.

If the problem persists we need to know:

Client version and build

Operating System

Anti-Virus and/or Internet security package plus Firewall in use.


Screenshots of client window showing the status bar and 'Info' panel of an 'inactive' torrent.

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I went through and made some changes as per your reply(which i thank you for the reply)and retried it tonight and it's still not seeding back?!how can i post screenshots to here of what i got so you can see?

i've tried acouple of times but i guess dummy me can't figure it out!! lol

thanks mao049

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