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Utorrent and ad muncher conflict


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I've been having this problem for quite a while now, but never properly diagnosed exactly what it is. I've spent some time investigating this now and my findings are that while ad muncher is running, utorrent will behave badly with regards to three functions, as follows:

- the initial loading of a large number of torrents (greater than 2000). This causes excessive load times of minutes rather than the normal load time of 2-3 seconds and high CPU usage during those minutes

- when rechecking a torrent's content - the speed at which it checks it is up to 50 times slower

- when actively downloading a torrent - the utorrent UI freezes up and becomes unresponsive for seconds (5-15 seconds) at a time. There might only be one or two seeders, so the connection is not being bombarded in any way

Outside of these three functions, utorrent behaves normally when ad muncher is running.

The odd thing is that it occurs no matter what the settings of Ad Muncher are - I can put an exclusion filter on the utorrent program or turn off filtering completely, but none of these change any of the three bad behaviours. Only shutting down ad muncher resolves the issue. I've also tried running utorrent as administrator and then starting ad muncher - same problem.

This has been occurring ever since utorrent 3.1 came out (3.2 has the same issue, which is what I am currently using) using Windows 7 and 8 (64 bit). Utorrent 3.0 and earlier never had this problem. I've been getting around it by downloading torrents in a different torrent program, then importing into utorrent to circumvent the problem.

Doing a lot of further investigation without any windows firewall and no antivirus software and in fact no other software running the problem still occurs. Running a full windows system is no different.

I've done the whole optimal setting thing courtesy of (in no small part) Rafi (very useful thanks for the effort!) but that makes no difference in this case.

What I have noticed is that when utorrent reaches exactly 128 meg of memory usage in the task manager is when all of the loading problems begin (around the 2200-2400 torrent mark). This footprint seems to dog utorrent from then on.

I then experimented with a completely new stand-alone install of utorrent 3.2 with ad muncher running and downloaded a single torrent without any issues, so it is something related to the memory footprint of utorrent in conjunction with ad muncher. Maybe 3.0 and before had a smaller footprint, since I had fewer torrents (maybe 500-800 less).


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