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utorrent won't dload


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Okay, the program was working fine this morning.

I then began to install a VPN (torrentprivacy) After that program was installed it would not open. I tried various solutions, but nothing. Then, when I tried to use utorrent my downloads would not start.

I uninstalled the VPN program. My instinct was that it messed something up, but I don't know what, or what to do.

I'm using windows 7 home premium, with free versions of Zone Alarm and basic Avast.

I noticed in the log on the Zone alarm that my outgoing packets were being blocked. So something is wrong because I noticed in the dload window that there the various songs in my bit torrent download showed red.

I tried dloading various files, but everything seems dead stopped. They never begin to dload and the ETA always reads infinity.

What did I do, and how do I undo it:(

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