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Save to directory of the loaded .Torrent file?


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I used to run Transmission on mac and I came up with a really clean method of organising all my files. Transmission has a feature that allows you to save your torrent content in the directory of the .torrent file. So I rigged up some other stuff to make sure that all my .torrent files were in the right location and then my torrent client would correctly place all my content and then make sure my torrent file was deleted.

I'm now running windows. Is it possible to do this in the Windows version of uTorrent?

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Preferences -> Directories

set "Store torrent in:" the same as the "Put new downloads in:"

do the same with:

"Move completed downloads to:" and "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:"

Unless I misunderstand, this isn't what I'm looking for.

My end goal isn't to store the torrent and the content in the same folder, it's to store the content in the same folder that the torrent has already stored in. See, I have another program that decides where to put the torrent file, and then launches it. I want uTorrent to automatically store the content in the same directory.

So if my torrent file is in My Documents, the content is stored in My Documents. If the torrent file is on the desktop, the content is stored on the desktop.

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I'm trying to achieve the same result but apparently You should work it out with Labels which is a real pain...

..trasmission's feature is nice since You start the torrents from the location you need your files and it's done.

too bad that as a client itself transmission is ... wel... not good.

would be nice to have this option in uTorrent too.

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